Course list

Attention: Please note that the following shown courses, are only those courses which are approved by the Vice-Rectorate for Education and offered by the respective department/institute for the current academic year.

Obligatory courses

Elective courses

Modul1: Engineered Materials and Products

Modul 2: Wood and Fibre Science

Modul 3: Bioraffinierie

Modul 4: Holzindustrielle Fertigungs- und Prozesstechnik

Modul 5 Polymertechnologien

Modul 6: Holzbau

Modul 7: Concurrent Engineering

Modul 8: Logistikmanagement

Modul 9: Advanced Planning and Simulation

Modul 10 Unternehmensführung und Controlling

Modul 11: Umwelt

Modul 12: Werkzeuge und Methoden

Free elective courses