Presentation Award in Berlin

Stefan Wagner was honored at the symposium "Element trace analysis" in Berlin for his presentation as the best junior scientist.

Stefan Wagner, doctoral student at the VIRIS Laboratory for Analytical Ecogeochemistry led by Ao. Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Prohaska was honored with the best talk award at the 13th symposium on „mass spectrometric techniques for element trace analysis“, jointly held with the 26th ICP-MS user meeting from 3.-6. September in Berlin. The award – the participation at the „European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2019“ in Pau, France – was sponsored by the company ESI Elemental Service & Instruments GmbH (

In his talk „In situ visualization of arsenic speciation changes in the rhizosphere: Combining the diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) technique with laser ablation ICP-MS“, Stefan Wagner presented the application of a novel chemical imaging method to assess small-scale arsenic speciation changes and elemental fluxes in the rhizosphere of arsenic-hyperaccumulator plants. The study was accomplished in close collaboration between the VIRIS laboratory and the Rhizosphere Ecology and Biogeochemistry Group (head: Prof. DI Dr. Walter Wenzel) at the University and Research Center Tulln (UFT). The presented results provided new insights into dynamic element cycles in the rhizosphere for an improved understanding of arsenic biogeochemistry in natural soil ecosystems.


Homepage of the 13th symposium on „mass spectrometric techniques for element trace analysis“ & 26th ICP-MS user meeting:

BOKU VIRIS laboratory, Head: Ao. Prof. DI Dr. Thomas Prohaska