Research grant - Dr. Rafaela Schinegger

Dr. Rafaela Schinegger, scientist at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG), Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment (WAU) received a 4-months FULBRIGHT scholarship and will conduct research on fish habitats from August to December 2015 at Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing (U.S.A.) in the project CROSSFISH.


The purpose of the Fulbright Program is to promote “mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the peoples of other countries.” The related scholarship program of the FULBRIGHT Austrian-American Educational Commission promotes the development/fostering of institutional cooperation and teaching/research scholarships, which strengthen the cooperation of the United States and Austria in various scientific fields.


The aim of the project CROSSFISH is to describe the impact of human pressures on rivers, river fish communities and their habitats in Austria/Europe and the United States. Furthermore, a cross-continental comparison between Europe and the U.S.A. will be carried out with regard to relevant environmental laws, data collection methods, status of fish habitats and derived management actions, in order to exchange mutual experiences.

To carry out the project, Dr. Schinegger will work with experts in the research group of Prof. Dana Infante at the Department of Fisheries & Wildlife at MSU.