Direct use of donation

Is my donation paid directly to the projects?


Contributions made to the BOKU carbon offset system are distributed to the projects at regular intervals. However, due to the following reasons, there may be a delay between the payment of your donation and the distribution of funds to the projects (and as such the actual offsetting of your emissions):

When a project has just been accepted by the advisory board then – depending on the project size and type – a certain amount of funding needs to be collected so that the project is financially able to go into implementation. This is due to the fact that, particularly at the onset of a project, investment costs need to be covered and operating costs covering a certain period be made available. On the whole, the aim is to assign each donation to the project that was preferred in the course of the online calculation. If, however, a particular project does not receive enough financial support to go into implementation (because too few donations were dedicated to this project), then the donations made to this project will be assigned to another, similar project.

If the project to which yon assigned your donation already has enough donations for the current project phases, then the contributions will be kept aside, until such time when they are required by the project.

On the whole, the aim is to pass on all donations to a project within (max.) two years of receipt. Regardless of the length of time between receipt and use of a donation, 100% of donations are used for climate protection projects.