Flight emissions

Which factors influence the emissions of a specific flight?


The emissions of a flight depend, first and foremost on the quantity of fuel combusted. This quantity is dependent on many factors, including the type of engine, the total weight of the aircraft (also dependent on cargo), the height flown, the route flown (depending on holding patterns, detours etc.) and weather conditions (i.e. head or tail wind). Due to this high number of variables, calculating the emissions of each flight is practically impossible. For this reason average values are used. Depending on the distance (short- or long-haul) the weighted average fuel consumption of 3 or 4 common aircraft is used and corrected by a detour-factor of 1.09.

Detailed calculations can be downloaded here.fileadmin/data/H99000/H99100/nachhaltigkeit/CO2_Kompensation/Berechnungsgrundlagen/BOKU_CO2_Kompensationssystem_Berechnungsgrundlage.pdf