Economy, Business, First

Does it make a difference if I fly economy, business or first?


When entering your flight data into the BOKU carbon offset system you can select economy, business or first class. The selection has a considerable effect on the amount of CO2 calculated. When calculating flight emissions, the first step is to calculate the emissions of the aircraft as a whole. This is then multiplied with the load-factor (percentage of seats taken) and divided by the total number of seats (average values). Business and first class seats require considerably more space than economy class seats and as such, all seats are multiplied by a factor to take account of these differences (i.e. short-haul flights: 0.95 for economy, 1.34 for business and 1.9 for first).

Detailed calculations can be downloaded here.fileadmin/data/H99000/H99100/nachhaltigkeit/CO2_Kompensation/Berechnungsgrundlagen/BOKU_CO2_Kompensationssystem_Berechnungsgrundlage.pdf