120009 General English brush up (B1+)

Lecture and exercise
Semester hours
Lecturer (assistant)
Conaghan, Stuart
Center for International Relations (CIR)
Offered in
Wintersemester 2017/18
Languages of instruction


This course is intended for students who require some grammar revision, but who have a better understanding of the basics than students in the English Grammar course, and who are confident enough with the basic grammar to additionally study speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Students will gain more confidence in these four skills of language competence as basic English grammar is practised through exercises in speaking, listening reading and writing. Interactive activities will help students to correctly use English verb tenses in various contexts and situations. Students will learn various vocabulary and phrases needed for discussing the topics in English.

Previous knowledge expected

Result „B1“ in the mandatory online-entrance test.

Objective (expected results of study and acquired competences)

The aim of this course is to brush up your English skills. Students who have studied the language on an intermediate to advanced level, but have not practised the language for a while, will particularly benefit from this course. By the end of this course you will have revised the key elements of English grammar and significantly improved your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and will feel more confident communicating in English, both in written and oral form.
You can find more details like the schedule or information about exams on the course-page in BOKUonline.