What is it about?
Tandem learning is reciprocal language learning in which you are paired with a native speaker of the target language to learn together. That means that students with different native languages teach each other. There is no financial cost involved and you can benefit regardless of your level of language. You meet to study together, practice speaking, find out more about the culture, discuss language problems and support each other's learning. Tools like cell phones, emailing, and Skype can also support tandem learning.

How does it work?
The imagination knows no limits when it comes to tandem learning: the tandem partners can work through textbooks and exercise books, work through things from everyday life (e.g. newspaper articles, product information, radio broadcasts), practice structured dialogues on certain themes or simply have a chat with each other. Choosing the exercise method depends on the prior knowledge and the learning objectives of the tandem learning partners.

What are the benefits of Tandem-Learning?
Students, teachers and researchers who are planning a semester abroad can make contact with someone in their future host country before their stay has begun. This helps them to improve their language skills and gain an insight into the culture, mentality and social environment of the country. Tandem learning is also a convenient way to keep up your previously acquired language skills and to make contact with native speakers.

How to apply?
You have to register online on our e-learning platform BOKUlearn. Follow the link and login with your valid BOKUonline account. Scroll down the page where you can find the search field, type the course name "Tandem Learning" and click on registration for the course of this semester. There you will find further information about how to use the e-learning platform.
Registration period for the winter semester 2018/19: 26.9. - 11.10.2018
Next steps?
A list containing all Tandem participants and their target languages will be published on BOKUlearn. You have to check the list and pick a Tandem partner on your own. You can contact your partner via telephone or email. In the middle of October there will be a kick-off meeting with some hints for tandem leaning and the opportunity to meet the other participants.
Kick-off meeting: Thursday, 18th October at 17:00, EH05 (Exnerhaus, Peter Jordanstr. 82, 1190 Vienna).

Further information: tandem(at)boku.ac.at

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