How to apply

Step 1:

1.   Organise the admission of your host university: you need an official admission letter

Step 2:

2.    Download the application form
3.    Create the financial plan
4.    Organise a travel cost calculation (flight) from the internet
5.    2 recommendation letters of habilitated professors (O.Prof., Ao.Prof., Univ.Prof., Priv.Doz.)
6.    Transcripts of records of the bachelor and master studies (Registration Office - Study services)
7.    Degree certificates
8.    Curriculum Vitae (in English)
9.    Motivation letter (in English)
10.   List of equivalent courses

You need the list of equivalence courses for the allowance of the courses you will complete abroad. The courses have to be affirmed by the programme coordinators and the Dean.

Programme coordinators:

FW / HW:






Prof. Gratzer

Prof. Klik

Dr. Grimm-Pretner

Prof. Haltrich

Dr. Wurzinger

Prof. Haas

Search at the website of the partner university for courses.

You have to choose a full semester study load.

If you want to have compulsory courses as equivalents to your courses you complete abroad, the lecturer of the compulsory course has to sign the equivalent on the list of equivalent courses.

If you just want elective courses as equivalents the signature of the programme coordinator is sufficient. The list of equivalent courses has to be signed by the Dean.

If the committee nominates you for another university as you have chosen you have to repeat this procedure for the new university.

11.   The proof of foreign languages: Spanish or English III or language examination at the Center for International Relations (sprachkurse(at)

12.   Submit the application material at the Center for International Relations


For a departure in March to April
22th of January 
For a departure in May to June      
1th of April  

For a departure in August to November          
1th of June
For a departure in December to February              
31. October         


  • Admission letter of the host university
  • Application form
  • Motivation Letter (in English)
  • Curriculum Vitae (in English)
  • 2 recommendation letters of habilitated professors of BOKU
  • Language certificate (at least English III and accordingly Spanish III for La Molina); Can also be the language examination of the Center for International Relations
  • Transcripts of records of the bachelor and master studies in English including the weighted grade point average
  • Degree Certificates
  • List of equivalent courses
  • Travel costs calculation

The application material has to be submitted in person at the Center for International Relations in time for the relevant deadline.

Uncompleted, unreadable or delayed application material will not be considered!


The international committee considers the nomination. The international committee is composed of the head of the Center of International Relations and one deputy of each study programme.

The following criteria are assessed:
•    Study process (duration and grade point average)
•    Motivation and preparation of the study intent
•    Language skills
•    Overall impression of the applicants

The motivation is very important. You have to argue why you choose a certain destination and why you choose certain courses.

Step 3:

13. If you have submitted your completed application in time, the international committee decides about your nomination within about four weeks

14. You will get a written answer via mail (including the declaration acceptance). The original declaration acceptance has to be submitted at the Center for International Relations.

Step 4:

15. Apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate