Strategic Cooperation BOKU - Environment Agency Austria

Since 2005 BOKU and the Environment Agency Austria have been in a strategic cooperation. The objectives are to make increased use of synergies, develop new potentials and by that help reach our individual and common goals more effectively with regards to both content and costs.

Coordination Unit

In addition, the management and university board established a coordination unit (one person, 20h per week) in 2010, which should help enhance the cooperation.


It is the task of the coordination unit to provide impulses for research cooperations, bring together those persons from the two entities that are needed for a successful realization and accompany and operatively support the joint activities. Regarding these joint projects, the main focus lies on active networking. In addition to the research tenders, the attempt is being made to gain additional financing possibilities.

A series of workshops in specific specialist fields, which have a database backend, should be continued.

Furthermore, the external perception of the cooperation between BOKU and the Environment Agency Austria should be strengthened. In order to reach this objective, the public relation departments of BOKU and the Environment Agency Austria have been increasingly linked.


Contact Information

DI Dr. Florian Borgwardt

+43 664 9668638