Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

V. Knoll, O. Meixner:

If customers are switching between brands: An expanded model for the analysis of houshold panel data in the food sector


Brand switching behaviour is an important factor in customer relationship management. An important reason for this behaviour is the desire of consumers for more variety, i. e. variety seeking. This phenomenon is characterized by the fact that the change of brands itself is beneficial for the consumer. On the basis of existing theoretical variety seeking models an expanded model is introduced. The model integrates important variables into one theoretical variety seeking model. The empirical analysis was done with scanner household panel data in the food sector. The data analysis shows that the model has an excellent explanatory power in view of the hypothetic variable “brand loyalty” and allows better interpretations for marketing purposes.

Key words: Variety seeking, brand switching behavior, brand loyalty, panel data.