Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

B. Stock, J. Rinklebe and A. Skowronek:

Soil protection during civil engineering: current state and need for action


Preventive soil protection during civil engineering activities did not experience adequate attention up to date (Langer et al., 2009). The gap between construction and soil science is evident from the soil scientist’s point of view. As during construction works an enormous amount of soil is affected in its physical properties, the tremendous societal relevance of this field is obvious. A great challenge at present is to identify and demonstrate the intersection between construction and soil science as well as to resolve discrepancies by means of research, dialogue, and new standards. The resulting common view then should be established in an adequate education (Langer et al., 2009). This paper demonstrates why this area has to be worked on, lists external conditions and denotes need of action.

Key words: construction work, soil damage, legal requirements for soil protection, preventive soil protection, soil