Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

H. Aksoy, S. Coban, M. Tokcan and G. Özalp:

The Vegetation of Aladag-Sultan Serisi Forests in Bolu/Turkey


In this study, the vegetation of Sultan Serisi-Bolu, which is located on northern slopes of Aladag mountain in the West Blacksea region of Anatolia, was analysed. Characteristics of climate, soil and vegetation of the area show differences among altitudinal-climatic zones. Notably, elevation gradients create varied climates along with resultant soil differentiation which promotes the diversification of plant communities. A large part of the study area is covered by Abies bornmuelleriana-dominated forest, mostly mixed with Fagus orientalis and Pinus sylvestris. At lower altitudes, subhumid Pinus nigra and dry Quercus sp. forests are found. Fog formation and abundant rainfall on the upper part (over 1300 m) of the study area create favourable conditions for A.bornmuelleriana forests. Three forest communities and seven subcommunities were described and presented in a synoptic constancy table.

Key words: Abies bornmuelleriana, Bolu, Aladag, Euro-Siberian, forest community.