Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

H. Förster, F. Ullrich und P. Schad:

On the classification of podzols of the eastern Bavarian mountain ranges (a comparison of WRB 2006 and KA5)


The feasibility of correlation between the German Soil Systematics (AD-HOC-ARBEITSGRUPPE BODEN, 2005) and the WRB (IUSS WORKING GROUPWRB, 2008) was studied using podzolized soils of eastern Bavarian mountain ranges as an example. The result was that the “morphogenetic principle” of the German Soil Systematics is not suitable for allocating these soils. Although the process of podzolization is clearly established analytically, many eluvial and illuvial horizons do not show the characteristics required by AD-HOC-ARBEITSGRUPPE BODEN (2005). Such mismatches are avoided in the WRB classification because the WRB definitions use both morphological and analytical criteria. It is recommended to revise the definition of the Podzole horizons in the German classification accordingly.

Key words: Podzole, Podzols, WRB 2006, KA5, mountain ranges.