Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment


S. Vogel, M. Larcher und E. Gotschi:

High school students’ shopping behaviour for organic products in Vienna – a comparison of social and mental factors


On basis of a data set from Viennese high school students from 2005 (n = 340), in this paper we analyse the influence of social and mental factors and selected socio-demographic variables on students’ shopping behaviour for organic products. As a result of the analysis we identify a positive relation with shopping behaviour for the attitude towards organic products, for role models within the family and friends as well as for a life style which is oriented towards outdoor experience in nature, towards health and environmental protection. In contradiction to our original assumptions, we could not confirm an influence of knowledge on organic products and of the secondary socialisation at school.

Key words: organic products, shopping behaviour, attitudes, high school students, survey.