Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment


E. Kübler, W. Aufhammer und H.-P. Piepho:

Mixing effects in cereal-grain legume stands on the N-residues in dependence of the mixing ratio


Effects of the mixing ratios in stands combining cereal (wheat, oats) with legume (lentil, pea) components on the Nharvest indices, on the Nmin residues in the soil and on the N residues in the above ground dry matter residues after grain harvest were investigated. In a two years field experiment stands with different legume proportions in substitution and addition series were established. Independently of the mixing ratios, mixed stands revealed N-harvest indices similar to those of pure cereal stands. But the mixing ratios affected the N-harvest indices of the components and therefore the contributions of the components to the indices of the mixed stands. Concerning the Nmin residues in the soil and the N residues in the above ground dry matter, pure legume stands exceeded pure cereal stands considerably. In mixed stands cereal components were able to compensate the Nmin residues of the legume components.

Key words: Cereal-grain legume mixed stands, N-harvest index, N residues.