Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

S. Höke, M. Rolf, H. von Dressler, F. Rück, J. Schneider:

Determination of characteristic values for soils mixed with technogenic substrata as plant sites


The aim is to develop a technique for soil evaluation, which allows identifying the valuable and highly capable soils also in urban and industrial areas, to keep them free of buildings. Therefore, the suitability of techniques for soil function evaluation is checked to be able to characterise Technosols, too. The resume is that consideration of specific characteristics of Technosols is deficient. To close some of these evaluation gaps, the bulk densities are complemented by low categories and the effective rooting depths by special rules. The table of valuations for the CEC derivation are supplemented by groups of technogenic substrates. Further, a consideration of coarse soil (substrate specific) and of the O horizons for the nutrient valuation is suggested. To evaluate horizons out of different substrates allegation alternates are applied. The status of current soil evaluation techniques makeclear, that also Technosols can be rough elyaluated only by mapping, but further working is necessary to reach the same quality as for nature soils.

Key words: Urban soils, Technosols, technogenic substrates, soil functional evaluation, cation exchange capacity.