Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

E. Kübler, W. Aufhammer and H.-P. Piepho:

Mixing effects in cereal-grain legume stands on the N-accumulation of the above ground dry matter yield and the grain yield in dependence of the mixing ratio


Effects of mixing ratio on N-accumulation in mixed stands of cereal (wheat, oats) and legume (lentil, pea) components were investigated in two year field experiments under low input conditions. Stands with different legume proportions in substitution or addition series were established. Apart from N-accumulation in the above ground dry matter and the grain fraction, effects on the N-supply of the cereal component during grain filling were measured. Differences between accumulation values of the mixing stands and expected values, based on pure stands, were defined as mixing effects. In substitution stands the N-accumulation as well as the mixing effects increased with rising legume proportions. Substitution and addition stands reached the N-accumulation levels of pure legume stands. In substitution stands there was a tendency of increased 1000 grain weight and in both stand types the cereal components exceeded the grain protein contents of pure stands.

Key words: Cereal-grain legume mixed stands, N-accumulation, protein content of cereal grain.