Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

W. Schneeberger und R. Aßfall:

Economic and social effects of cooperating in dairy farming


A written survey was conducted in 2004 on 20 joint dairy businesses established between 1997 and 2004. The survey addressed the development strategies pursued by the businesses and the resultant effects. In 2004, five of the joint businesses had the same total milk quota originally brought into the business by the individual farms. Fifteen of the joint businesses had increased this quota. In 15 of the joint businesses, the survey results indicate that all the partner farms were able to improve their economic success through cooperation. This was also the case for the majority of partner farms in each of two further joint businesses. In one joint business, no significant economic improvements were noted (there were 18 responses in total). Total labour requirements were reduced in those five ventures with static milk quotas. This was also the case for the majority of those other 15 joint businesses who had expanded their milk quota.

Responses from partner farms also indicated that the social situation in most of the joint businesses had improved through more and better-regulated leisure time, holidays and sick relief.

Key words: Dairy farming, cooperation, cooperation effects, joint business, survey, Austria.