Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

W. Opitz von Boberfeld und M. Neff:

Qualitative traits of selected catch crops on arable land folds

Report I: Content and composition of the cell wall


NDF, ADF and ADL concentration levels of different catch crops (volunteer cereals, winter forage rape, summer forage rape, “pasture-type” and “cutting-type”, stubble turnip, annual and Italian ryegras) were analysed over three years as influenced by date of harvest (November, December and January) and date of sowing (end of July, middle of August). Main source of variance for structural substances mostly were species and date of harvest. The interaction species X date of harvest was significant, because particularly structural substances of Poaceae increases with delayed date of harvest. Lowest concentrations could be found in stubble turnip with 25.4 % NDF, 22.5 % ADF and 1.8 % ADL. Volunteer cereals most contained highest NDF, ADF and ADL levels (= 58.3 % NDF, 31.1 % ADF, 3,0 % ADL).

Key words: Year round outdoor stock keeping, catch crops in arable land folds, structural substances, date of harvest, date of sowing.