Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

M. Neff und W. Opitz von Boberfeld:

Qualitative traits of selected catch crops on arable land folds

Report II: Mineral Nutrients


Based on triennial experiments, located 160 m above sea-level in the south of Gießen, P-, K-, Na-, Mg- and Ca concentrations of different catch crops in arable land folds were analysed over three years as influenced by date of harvest (= November, December and January) and date of sowing (= end of July, middle of August). Main sources of variance mostly were the factors species and date of winter harvest. Highest P concentrations could be found in stubble turnip (= 0,6 % P), stubble turnip and the two types of ryegrass contained highest K concentrations with 4,1 % K. Levels of Na, Mg and Ca are higher in Brassicaceae compared to Poaceae.

Key words: Year round outdoor stock keeping, Catch crops in arable land folds, mineral nutrients, date of harvest, date of sowing.