Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

L. Gruber and E. M. Pötsch:

Calculation of nitrogen excretion of dairy cows in Austria


According to the requirements of the European Nitrate Directive, the Austrian data for the N-excretion of dairy and suckler cows have been recalculated following the guidelines of the European Commission. It was assumed that the feeding of the dairy cows is mainly practiced considering the actual requirements for energy and protein. The dry matter intake as another crucial aspect for N-excretion has been calculated using the feed intake prediction equation of GRUBER et al.

(2001). The relatively low crude protein content of forage from mountainous meadows and pastures as a consequence of low input management is in strong contrast to data from intensively managed grassland regions in Europe. It is finally the main reason for the low N input via feed stuff and therefore the low N excretion level of livestock in Austria.

Key words: N-excretion, crude protein, forage quality, forage intake, milk urea content.