Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

A. Birinci and E. Ikikat Tumer:

The attitudes of farmers towards agricultural insurance: The case of Erzurum, Turkey


The concept of agricultural insurance in Turkey is quite new. Hence, the implementation of agricultural insurance is very few or none all over Turkey. In order to make this policy widespread and popular, farmer’s point of view on agricultural insurance has to be brought out. For this end, a survey study has been conducted with farmers in Erzurum province, Turkey. The data used in this study have been obtained from this survey studies. Finally, to determine the tendency of farmers towards agricultural insurance, Binomial Probit Limited Dependent Variable analysis method has been used for three different models.

From the results, it is concluded that informing farmers, raising their education level and improving their life standards would increase this tendency towards agricultural insurance.

Key words: Agricultural Insurance, Binomial Probit Model, Erzurum, Turkey.