Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

M. Wuczkowski, E. Metzger, K. Sterflinger and H. Prillinger:

Diversity of yeasts isolated from litter and soil of different natural forest sites in Austria


The diversity of yeasts in soil and litter samples taken from three Austrian natural forest reserves (Müllerboden, Saubrunn, Rotwald) was investigated. In total 82 yeast strains were isolated and identified using molecular methods.

Partial sequencing of the 26S rDNA gene resulted in 21 different sequences belonging to eleven genera. For one sequence it was not possible to determine the genus membership. Eight species were identified via PCR-fingerprinting.

The alluvial forest at Müllerboden showed the highest yeast diversity. The vast majority of the isolated strains belong to the basidiomycete yeasts, more than the half were members of the genus Cryptococcus (56 isolates belonging to seven species).

Key words: Yeast, diversity, soil, litter, forest.