Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

R. Sonnleitner, D. Puchner-Kapsamer, R. Öhlinger and F. Schinner:

Soil enzymatic characterization of different soil types under meadow


Seven soil types from the temperate zone were analysed for biochemical and physico-chemical soil properties. All soils were under unfertilized meadow. Biochemical activity patterns differed across soil types. Based on their overall biochemical activity soil types were ranked a) at the June sampling: Calcaric Fluvisols 2 > Calcaric Fluvisols 1 > Calcic Luvisols > Haplic Luvisols > Dystric Cambisols > Dystric Regosols, and b) at the September sampling: C. Fluvisols 2 > C. Luvisols 1, C. Fluvisols 1 > H. Luvisols > C. Luvisols 2, D. Cambisols, D. Regosols. In June dehydrogenase, respiratory and xylanase activities distinguished mostly between C. Fluvisols and soils of the type D. Cambisol, D. Regosol and H. Luvisol. In September phosphatase activity distinguished mostly between D. Regosols as well as D. Cambisols and soils of the type Luvisol and Fluvisol. Protease discriminated between D. Cambisols and D. Regosols as well as both of the latter and the other soil types. Across soil types significant correlations between physico-chemical and biochemical properties occurred.

Key words: Soil type, respiration, soil enzymes, physico-chemical soil properties.