Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

M. Ivanković, Š. Bojnec and A. Kolega:

Competitiveness of Wine Production: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Policy Analysis Matrix approach and the indicators of comparative trade advantages for grapes and wine production are used to evaluate the international competitiveness of the wine sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H).

Favorable natural conditions and relatively low costs of non-tradable domestic factors provide opportunities for internationally competitive wine production. Domestic wine consumption per capita is relatively small, but tourism in the main winegrowing region of B&H provides excellent niche marketing opportunities for wines. Wine from B&H is traditionally exported. With further improvements in production efficiency, wine quality and marketing, the wine sector in B&H is expected to become internationally competitive.

Key words: Policy analysis matrix, competitiveness, trade advantages, marketing, wine tourism.