Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

J. B. Valenciano and B. Reinoso:

Evaluation of different seed treatment for control of bean seed fly (Delia platura [Meigen]) on bean in Spain


The bean seed fly, Delia platura, is a widespread pest that attacks seeds or cotyledons of bean seedlings before sprouting.

Insecticide seed treatment was investigated for bean seed fly control during 1998–2001 to determine the efficacy of four insecticides, fenthion, imidacloprid, lindane and diazinon. Te results show that fewer plants were affected by bean seed fly when insecticides were used. Imidacloprid showed the least effect.

Key words: Phorbia platura, Fenthion, Imidacloprid, Lindane, Diazinon.