Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

S. Tülin Akkaya Aslan and Arici:

GIS-Supported land consolidation planning information system: ARTOP


A large amount and different types of information are needed for land consolidation planning and design studies, and the volume of information increases with the size of the planning area. In order to access and use information fast and reliably in land consolidation planning studies, be they based on village groups or entire river basins, it is necessary to collect, enter, organise, compare, query and analyse the information using specialised computer software. In this study, a model called ‘ARTOP’ has been developed to help in the planning and design of land consolidation in large areas, using the capabilities and characteristics of Geographic Information System (GIS). By entering data from 10 villages in the Bursa-Karacabey plain Turkey, the model was tested and its usability and effectiveness observed. By presenting the model to operators at various stages, its potential problems and deficiencies were determined and corrections accordingly made.

Key words: Land Consolidation, Planning Information System, GIS.