Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

J. Juračak, D. Kovačić and W. Schiebel:

Croatian farm manager entrepreneurship assessment based on personality traits


A sample comprising 415 Croatian family farm managers was used in a study on their entrepreneurial characteristics. The locus of control tests and selected personality factors test were used to assess their entrepreneurial traits.

Based on the test results, the respondents were divided into entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial persons. Only 6.7 % of tested farm managers entered the group of enterprising persons. Such low percentage of enterprising persons could be attributed to the fact that most of them became managers by a combination of different circumstances (economic and social factors) rather than by their own choice.

Low entrepreneurship level asks from the entrepreneurship promotion policy to focus on creation of such conditions that will make it easier for less enterprising persons to decide to get involved into a business activity. However, an unfavourable sociodemographic structure of farm managers must also be borne in mind.

Key words: Entrepreneurship, farm manager, locus of control, personality factor, Croatia.