Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

Manfred Werteker:

Effects of enhanced dosification of ascorbic acid to dough for baking trials


Samples for wheat testing from the harvest 2002 were subjected to baking trials (Kaiser Rolls) with dosifications of ascorbic acid of 1 and 2 g per 100 kg of flour. Higher loaf volumes resulted from the higher addition of ascorbic acid.

Between the baking results at different levels of ascorbic acid a narrow correlation (r2 = 0,8461) could be found, so that no significant changes in the evaluation of varieties might be expected. If the resulting loaf volumes are brought into relation to indirect quality parameters, it may be seen, that with increasing ascorbic acid dosification the correlation between loaf volume and wet gluten level and sedimentation value respectively increased while the correlation of volume to the swelling number decreased. The increase of loaf volume by higher additions of ascorbic acid was enhanced by higher gluten levels. The relations observed in this study showed no significant influence on the comparance and on the evaluation of varieties respectively.

Key words: Ascorbic acid, wheat, baking quality.