Vol 56 / 1

Die Bodenkultur - Volume 56 / issue 1



W. Opitz v. Boberfeld and S. Echternacht:

Quality and yield of catch crops for arable land – folds in dependence on variety, date of sowing and date of winter harvest

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R. Amler:

Contribution to product safety of silage maize by differential pre-harvest measurement

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S. Bickel and W. Wetscherek:

Influence of fat source on the performance of broilers and on relevant carcass characteristics for consumers

3rd Report: Effects of the use of rape seed oil and animal fat in poultry fattening on fatty acid quality of grilled broiler meat

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M. Viršček Marn and Mavric:

Factors affecting the reliability of PDV and PNRSV detection in peach by DAS-ELISA

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W. Opitz v. Boberfeld, M. Sterzenbach and H. Laser:

Accumulations of N, P and K in Soil in Different Systems of Outdoor Keeping during Winter with Cattle

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R. Pude, C.-H. Treseler, R. Trettin and G. Noga:

Suitability of Miscanthus Genotypes for Lightweight Concrete

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A. Simončič and G. Leskošek:

Evaluation of various mechanical measures on weed control efficacy

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Manfred Werteker:

Effects of enhanced dosification of ascorbic acid to dough for baking trials

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