Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

N. Mordogan, B. Yagmur and H. Hakerlerler:

Effect of N Forms on Maize Yield and Leaf Components


A water culture experiment was established with maize to test the effect of N forms [(NH4)2SO4; CaNO3.4H2O; urea] on yield, nitrogen (%), organic acids and sugar fractions. Plants that received NH4-N had the lowest yield. In all of the treatments total N (%) content of leaves were measured considerably high. â-galactose was the dominating sugar fraction of all of the N treated plants and sucrose of the control. Dominating organic acids were malate in NH4-N receiving plants and cis-aconitate in NO3-N treated ones.

Key words: N forms, maize, sugar, organic acid, amino acid.