Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

A.Butorac, Turšić, M. Mesić, J. Butorac, F. Bašić, N. Vuletić, Kisić, M. Berdin and Z. Djakovic:

The effect of tobacco monoculture and crop rotation on tobacco leaf composition


This paper presents the long-term results of the influence of different crop rotations and tobacco monoculture upon the chemical composition of flue-cured tobacco leaf. As key crop, tobacco is included in all crop rotations. Considering the obtained results in the particular years, tobacco growing in monoculture or in crop rotation mainly had significant effects on nicotine content in tobacco leaf on a 10-year average evaluation. A similar trend was also determined for the content of proteins. The content of total nitrogen and reducing sugars was significantly affected by crop rotation as regards the particular years. Calcium and potassium ratio had unfavourable values although both of the contents were significantly influenced by crop rotation. The same was true for magnesium in individual years.

Key words: Tobacco monoculture, crop rotation, tobacco leaf composition.