Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

J. Sĕškevičiené, H. Jeroch und Ch. Westermeier:

Effects of high amounts of rape-cake and peas in diets for broiler chicken


In a growth trial with broiler chicken from 6 to 26 days of age soybean meal was partially replaced by rape cake from peeled seed and peas. The control diet (I) and experimental diet (II) were equal in nutrient content as well as in metabolizable energy (ME) concentration. Content of glucosinolates in the diet I was 0,9 mmol/kg and in diet II 4,6 mmol/kg. Feed intake and live weight at the end of the experimental period were reduced in diet II by 9 % and 12 % respectively. 15 % rape-cake in the diet led to a noticeable increase of thryroid gland weight. From this study, we can conclude, that the amount of rape-cake, which can be used in broiler feed, is first of all dependent on the concentration of glucosinolates in rape-cake.

Key words: rape-cake, glucosinolate, broiler-chicken, growth, thryroid gland weight.