Vol 54 / 3

Die Bodenkultur - Volume 54 / issue 3



S. Kereša, M. Barić, H. Šarčević and S. Marchetti:

Callus induction and plant regeneration from immature and mature embryos and immature inflorescences of eight Croatian winter wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.)

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A. Blanco, A. Gadaleta and R. Simeone:

Variation for yield and quality components in durum wheat backcross inbred lines derived from ssp. dicoccoides

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D. Stajnko, M. Lakota, M. Hočevar and Z. Čmelik:

Application of thermal imaging for estimating current yield in the apple orchard

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J. Sĕškevičiené, H. Jeroch and Ch. Westermeier:

Effects of high amounts of rape-cake and peas in diets for broiler chicken

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R. Leitgeb, M. Tschischej, F. Hutterer and J. Bartelt:

Impact of protein reduction and arginine and valine supplementation in the diet on growth and slaughter performance of broilers

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