Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

M. Tsybulya:

Estimation of Seed Distribution Uniformity over an Area


The seed distribution uniformity over an area is considered. As a measure the ratio of a sum of areas of conditional circles of plant root nutrition, providing that the area of their mutual superposition is included once only, to a sown area is used. A problem set-up and a computer program for calculation of values of the measure under different seeding methods and seeding rates were developed. The program provides simulation of seeding methods and their estimation by the measure as well as estimation of experimental data. The results of a theoretical factorial experiment obtained through use of the program are offered. The best seed distribution is achieved with precision drilling (equilateral triangular-spacing) or uniform broadcast sowing. In this case the maximum value of the measure is 0.97. With broadcast sowing which gives the exponential distribution in the direction of travel and perpendicular to it the measure assumes the mean value 0.57.

Key words: Seed, distribution, uniformity, area, simulation.