Vol 52 / 4

Die Bodenkultur - Volume 52 / issue 4



 J. Eitzinger, Z. Žalud, V. Alexandrov, C. A. van Diepen, M. Trnka, M. Dubrovský, D. Semerádová and M. Oberforster:

A local simulation study on the impact of climate change on winter wheat production in north-eastern Austria

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S. Steinkellner and H. Redl:

Sensitivity of Uncinula necator Populations Following DMI-Fungicide Usage in Austrian Vineyards

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E. Strobel, E Ahrens, G. Hartmann, H. Kluge and H. Jeroch:

Contents of substances in wheat, rye and oats at cultivation under conventional and the conditions of organic farming

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M. Stadlober, M. Sager and K.J. Irgolic:

Identification and Quantification of Selenium Compounds in Sodium Selenite Supplemented Feeds by HPLC-ICP-MS

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J. Štefanić, E. Štefanić and R. Haas:

What the customers really want: organic food market in Croatia?

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W. Schneeberger, M. Eder, L. Lacovara and J. C. Garcia-Rosell:

A comparison of the economic performance of organic and conventional farms in Austria

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