Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

A. Schulte and S. Sah:

Historic Shift towards Silviculture by People in Asia

A Review and Country Case Studies on Community based Forest Management from Nepal, the Philippines and Indonesia


Over the last five centuries colonialism and after independence nationalization of much of the Asian forests has eroded and alienated traditional community forest management systems in many nations. Centralized feudal or democratic governments national and international farest agencies have neither been able to stop the destruction of the forests nor to manage and restore them appropriate. A review of the development of forest policy and practice in three Asian nations which differ greatly in ecological, socio-economical, cultural and political aspects (Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia) shows an important shift of responsibilities from centralized forest agencies to the people living in, around and from the forests. Land-use history, forest policy change and legal development is outlined briefly on the basis of existing statistics, policy papers and legal acts.

Key words:  Silviculture, community forestry, forest policy, Asia.