Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

H. Spiegel, M. Dachler, K. E. Böhm, E. Pfundtner, K. Roth and M. Sager:

Cadmium in the Environment - a Status Report of Austria (Review)

1. Contents in Environment Compartments and Pathways into the Soil


This first part of the review summarizes Cd-contents of different environmental compartments (air, water, soil) in Austria by means of data from the most recent years. Inputs of Cd into soils caused by atmospheric deposition, mineral fertilizer and manure as well as sewagesludge and waste compost are described in their quantities. Mean Cd-values in agricultural soils and in Austrian waters (collected in different soil surveys and in Austria-wide examinations of water quality) are not alarming. Nevertheless, all possible precautions have to be taken to avoid further input of Cd into these compartments, especially with consideration of already polluted sites.

Key words:  cadmium, soil, water, deposition, fertilizer.