Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

O. Meixner:

Consumer behaviour in country markets in Vienna


The aim of the research presented here was to demonstrate whether consumer research results can be applied to agricultural marketing in order to produce empirical measurements of consumer behaviour in country markets in Vienna.

A complex series of tests was carried out (repeat surveys, experimental test design), whereby the data was then used to address various issues concerning environmental psychology, i. e.:

1. Can country markets contribute to a consumer experience (the necessity of designing a country market so that it engenders such an experience is often put forward in the literature)?

2. Can a country market be an effective design element in urban planning?

3. What should be available at such a market?

An appropriate consumer behaviour model (S-O-R model) was used to show that the establishment of a country market has many positive consequences. However, aprerequisite for such positive effects is professional country market management. The results provide some effective arguments in view of local businesses, as country markets might act as deliverers of consumers under these conditions.

Key words:  Consumer behaviour, environmental psychology; direct marketing.