Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

P. Illmer and F. Schinner:

Relation between grape harvest and soil microbial parameters determined within an investigation concerning soil coverage in viticulture


Different kinds of soil tillage (open soil, grassing in spring and in winter, permanent coverage with grass, straw application and two procedures of the application of special seeding for organic farming) were investigated in four different vineyards in the catchment area of the Neusiedler See (Austria).

Considering the soil coverage, the relations between grape harvest (yield and must) and soil microbial parameters (microbial biomass and respiration, colony forming units of several groups of microorganisms, contents of ATB activities of xylanase, protease, actual and potential nitrification, N-mineralization, N-fixation, denitrification and decomposition of organic matter) were investigated.

The assessment of sites and tillage considering yield on the one hand and soil microbiology on the other hand was quite contradictory. Obviously microorganisms compete with plants which becomes even stronger as due to the absence of fertilisation a lack in nutrients occurred.

Key words:  soil tillage, viticulture, soil microbiological index, model.