Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

W. Fischer and P. L. Reischütz:

General aspects about the slugpests


In the paper presented, scientific and other publications about the control of pest slugs are presented and critically discussed.

The extensive overview about the literature in the first part shows that the main pests are Arionlusitanicus (MABILLE, 1868) and Deraceras reticulatum (0.F. MÜLLER, 1774). More seldom the species Arion distinctus (MABILLE, 1868) and Tandonia budapestensis (HAZAY, 1881) are present in this respect. Totally 14species are described and their habitats presented.

In the second part of the paper a full review about all means of controls against pest slugs is given. Biological means and/or agricultural methods are the base of all actions against this pest.

Key words:  slugs, pests, literature, methods of control.