Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

S. Gräber, R. Erhardt, K. Sommer and M. Kuhn:

Dehulling of Spelt by Using a Pressure Dehulling Device


Spelt kernels can be dehulled by a pressure dehulling device. The process parameters pressure, sample amount, and process time have to be adapted to the sample as good as possible to get the best result, Depending on moisture content of the sample the pressure has to reach a specific value to break the hulls. But using pressures to high leads to a bigger amount of damaged kernels.

A high amount of sample covers the spelt from dehulling, a low amount leads to damaging of the kernels. A longer process time has also a negative influence on damaging of the kernels and you are not able to compensate a too low pressure.

Using a response surface methodology the optimum parameters for different moisture contents of the spelt kernels are calculated. But it has to be proven whether these parameters are valid only for the sample investigated.

Key words: Spelt, Dehulling.