Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

V. Duvnjak, D. Banaj, R. Zimmer and V. Guberac:

Influence of nozzle wear on flow rate and stream droplets size


Influence of wear of nozzle supplying fan flat stream on flow rate; drop lets spectrum in a stream as well as distribution eaveness of control agents was investigated in this paper. Nozzles made of various kinds of materials were taken for the investigation. Relative wear of nozzle orifice of different materials varied considerably with the nozzles usage time. At the end of the test it was determined that nozzles made of hardened stainless steel were according to resistance degree the most resistant to wear followed by stainless steel nozzles, plastic nozzles and nozzles made of brass.

Nozzles with lower flow capacity wear more in relation to nozzles with higher flow capacity. The worn out nozzles had considerably higher liquid flow capacity in the stream center regarding the new nozzle of the same type.

Key words:  nozzle, nozzle wear, stream shape, droplets size, pressure.