Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

K. Moder:

Comparison of some different statistical analysis to eliminate soil effects


Two widely used nearest neighbour analysis are compared to block analysis and a special form of covariance analysis.

With a simulation study the results of these different methods were evaluated. Levels of soil, error and factor effects varied in practical relevant sizes. A further distinction was made between the number of blocks and the number of variants per block.

Some relevant results of this study are given below:

- With high soil effects all alternatives to block analysis show more exact results then block analysis.

- In almost all situations covariance models are superior to other methods in concern to parameter estimation and hypothesis testing.

- Nearest neighbour methods are of little use for hypothesis testing.

Key words:  Nearest neighbour analysis, analysis of covariance analysis, paramter estimation, hypothesis testing, simulation.