Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

A. Krapfenbauer:

What is on about the climate change? A decreasing in global irradiation contra an augmentation of the green house forcing?


The reality of the decreasing global irradiation of more than 0.5 Watt per m2 annually since the early 50s at the one hand and the augmenting of the green house forcing at the other hand contradict the existing models and the for casts on global warming. The question regarding the cause of the remarkable decrease of the global irradiation still has to be answered! Two hypothetical attempts for an explanation - additional reflexion and/or absorption of solar irradiation in the atmosphere - are in discussion. The causes have to be sought in the atmosphere of the earth and by the human activities since the 50s. Concluding may be stated that at present there are two opposite climatological processes on the way. The decreasing global irradiation contra the augmentation of the green house forcing.

Still it has to be remembered that an increasing green house forcing depends fundamentalyon the amount of the global irradiation. An increasing green house forcing can surely only compensate for a restricted time scale a decrease of the global irradiation. It seems a very alarming vision that the human activities mainly since the 50s cause a global cooling up from the time space when the green house forcing can not compensate the decrease of the global irradiation anymore.

Key words: climate change, green house forcing, global irradiation.