Vol 48 / 4

Die Bodenkultur - Volume 48 / issue 4



I. Darnhofer, R. Gretzmacher and W. Schneeberger:

Modeling farmers' decisions: a comparison between HDM and CART for oats-vetch adoption in the Ethiopian Highlands

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G. Höflich and R. Mett:

Interactions of plant-microorganism-associations in heavy metal containing soils from sewage farms

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A. Krapfenbauer:

What is on about the climate change? A decreasing in global irradiation contra an augmentation of the green house forcing?

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M. Sager:

Possible trace metal load from fertilizers

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H. Schachner, M. Rassinger, W. Loiskandl, E. Schäfer and A. Weingartner:

Mathematical description of the simulation model HAM (Hydrodynamic Adsorption Model)

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V. Zeller, E. Kandeler and V. Mair:

N dynamic in mountain grassland with different intensity of cultivation

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