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Potentiality for Soil Erosion Control and Improving Plant Production in Arid Zones

3rd Communication: Technique of Application of Soil and Evaporation Inhibitors and Investigations of the Environmental Behaviour of These Substances


Recently developed bitumen emulsions, as Bituplant 22, may be sprayed either in cold or warm state, if there are – similar to plant protection – suitable devices. These devices, having been developed during several years, are now available.

Sarea Soil Stabilizer and Sarea Soil Inhibitor can be sprayed either by special devices, combined with Bituplant 22 as a tank mixture, or can be applied separately by common plant protection devices.

Due to low toxicity, to the mode of degradation and to the exposition of the products, the use of Bituplant 22 at a dosage of 3000 l/ha, of Sarea Soil Stabilizer, at a dosage of 100 kg/ha, and of Sarea Evaporation Inhibitor, used at a dosage of 75 l/ha, will not cause any risk to ecology or environment.