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Reduction of Crude Protein Content in a Rotation for Laying Hens


In a feeding experiment the effects of reduction of crude protein content in a ration for laying hens on the production of the hens and the nitrogen excretion in the faeces, were tested under farming conditions. There were two groups in the trial, each group consisted of 1000 laying hens kept in batteries. The trial started at the 50th week of life and lasted for three months.

The hens of the control group received an usual commercial laying feed with 18 % crude protein. In the feed of the trial group the crude protein content was reduced to 13 % and lysine and methionine were kept on the level of the control group.

There were no differences in the egg production, egg weight in group 2 was lower, crude protein content in the egg was also lower, crude protein content in the faeces was markedly reduced.

A certain reduction of crude protein content in the ration for the laying hens did not depress significantly the production.