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Changes in the Content of Humus and Nutrients of Calciċ Chernozem in different Three-Field Crop Rotations through Cocksfood Catch Crop and Ploughless Tillage


The results of a three-field crop rotation trial at a calcic chernozem location demonstrated after 9 years of trial the influence of faba beans, silage maize and sugar beets on the content of humus, total nitrogen and potassium in the soil.

Cocksfoot as a catch crop before the leaf crops increased the total content of nitrogen in the tillage layer and in the subsoil in all rotations tested. Interaction to tillage methods were not observed. Shallow ploughless tillage for winter wheat decreased the content of total nitrogen and of plant soluble K und P. Ploughless tillage to both grain crops reduced continuous by the nitrogen content in the subsoil only. Dung manuring compensated this negative effect.